Executive Producers:
Kirk Shaw
Brad McAfee

Writer / Director:
Barry Gray

Wendy McKernan
Laura Watson


A new one-hour HD documentary produced for Starz Entertainment and Global Television by Insight Film Studios.

Bloodsucking Cinema takes a look at the origins of the vampire myth, its evolution and its entry into cinema’s storytelling lexicon, focusing on the endurance of the theme as well as the advances made in the execution of its telling – primarily in the last twenty years of Hollywood movie history.  

Linking past and present, Bloodsucking Cinema asks the questions: how and why did our fascination with vampires develop?  Through interviews, movie clips and narration, current filmmakers and stars of vampire movies such as Van Helsing, Blade and Underworld compare their interpretations of the vampire with classic vampire roles - like those created by Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and others. 


  • Cheech Marin – From Dusk Til Dawn
  • John Carpenter – Director, John Carpenter’s Vampires
  • Stephen Sommers –  Director, Van Helsing
  • Len Wiseman – Director, Underworld / Underworld: Evolution
  • Corey Haim – The Lost Boys
  • David Goyer – Writer / Director, The Blade Trilogy
  • Joel Schumacher – Director, The Lost Boys
  • Kristanna Loken - BloodRayne
  • Stan Winston – Special Effects Makeup, Interview with The Vampire
  • Greg Nicotero – Special Effects Makeup, Vampires / From Dusk Til Dawn
  • And many others