Evan Marriott with Tracy New

Executive Producers:
Kirk Shaw
Stan Kamens
Greg Harvey

Created By:
Greg Harvey
John Harvey

John Harvey

Series Producer:
Barry Gray

Wendy McKernan

Story Producer:
Melanie Overall

Stephanie Rosloski

Insight Film Studios is producing an exciting, heart warming new TV show and we are looking for participants!

Host and real-life carpenter Evan Marriott of Joe Millionaire fame gives his expert advice and instruction to everyday women, in order to bring their dream home design projects to life.

evan photo Single women and desperate housewives get their hands dirty working on light to heavy home construction projects that they thought they needed a man around the house for - from renovations to additions to landscaping. Working side by side with the handsome, friendly and charismatic star, these women will be building their confidence while building their dreams.

Each show will also explore the "back story" that has prompted the renovation - including changes in relationships, finances and family situations. While they Get Dirty with Evan, our female guests will open up about their private lives and the changes to their living spaces made necessary by their life changes.

We are looking for telegenic, outgoing women who will “jump off the screen” – strong characters with strong personal stories to share! 

Fun, flirty and fulfilling, Get Dirty with Evan ultimately provides a message of empowerment for women who feel they don't have the skills, strength or experience to do home projects.

Is this your story?

Share your story with us and you could be featured on the show!

We want to know who you are, and what you’d like to do – with a little help from Evan – to improve your home.  Please send a brief video that includes yourself, family, pets, and be sure to show us the area(s) in your home you want to work on, and why you need Evan’s help!

Some information to include:

-- What is your name and city/town of residence?  (Potential candidates must live in or near the Vancouver area.)

-- What is your relationship status - are you single (never married), divorced, married, common-law, etc.?

-- With whom do you live?  Do you have any children, pets or other dependents in your home?

-- If you live with a partner, be sure to tell us why you feel Evan’s carpentry help or intervention is required.

-- What type of home do you live in, and do you rent or own?

-- What do you do for a living?  In your spare time?

-- What improvements would you like to make to your home?  Be as specific as you can be.

-- Have you undertaken any home improvement or design projects in the past on your own?  Why or why not?

-- What barriers are preventing you from just doing the work yourself, right now?

-- What makes your story unique?  What makes it identifiable to other women?

-- Why do you want to be featured on the show?

Please submit your video in MiniDV or DVD format to:

Insight Film Studios
GDE Casting
112 West Sixth Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1K6


NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  We sincerely thank all who submit for sharing their stories with us; however due to the volume of applications received Insight Film Studios will contact only those applicants who are being considered for the show.

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