Ireland's Eye, Newfoundland An incredibly beautiful setting surrounds this abandoned Outport town that dates from the days of pirate ships and lost treasures. Together with one time residents, we reconnect with this fading part of Newfoundland's past.

Val Jalbert, Quebec Perhaps the best-preserved Ghost Town setting in all Canada. Today it is a visually stunning town with over 70 original buildings--many left untouched since the people left 60 years ago. Curtains hung back in 1932 still flutter eerily in the long empty window frames.

Grosse Isle, Quebec If ever a Ghost Town held real ghosts, that place would be Grosse Isle, Quebec. It's estimated that the bodies of 12,000 would-be Canadian immigrants--most from Ireland--are buried in the sunken mass graves of this one-time quarantine station.

Silver Islet, Ontario The story of Canada's most prosperous silvers-mine and the life and death struggle the town's people waged against the waters of Lake Superior. However, with the complicity of a drunken sailor in a far away saloon, Superior would live up to her name and take revenge on the mine and the town.

Depot Harbour, Ontario In 1900, Depot Harbour had the brightest future of any town in Canada. But by 1930 it had outlived its purpose. On the last day of World War II, the town of Depot Harbour exited this world with a catastrophic BANG!

Ghost Town Trail, Saskatchewan It's been estimated that over half of all the towns that ever existed in Saskatchewan are now Ghost Towns. Along the stretch of highway known as the Ghost Town Trail we visit many one-time boomtowns that went bust.

Nordegg, Alberta In the early 1800s, British explorer David Thompson pioneered the fur trade through Alberta's Big West Country. A century later, a German entrepreneur, Martin Nordegg pursued his personal dream of creating a beautiful garden city paradise in this remote corner of Canada.

Rowley, Albert: Twice in the past half century, Rowley, Alberta has vanished, and returned. 15 years ago, Canadian and U.S. moviemakers discovered Rowley's rustic and pioneer beauty and its fortunes one more changed.

Barkerville B.C. The town's namesake Billy Barker claimed that the Gold Nuggets in the area were as big as his fist. Now preserved as heritage site, the town of Barkerville offers a journey back in time.

Sandon, B.C. In 1892 a Virginian, Johnny Harris arrived in Sandon. While others eagerly staked out mining claims in the hills, Harris unscrupulously, but legally laid claim to the town-even though many had already built homes and businesses on the land.

Ocean Falls, B.C. In the early 1980's, the provincial government ended its subsidy of the town, the residents protested. To put an end to any protests, the BC Government demolished most of the town's buildings and put an end to the dreams of people from Ocean Falls.

Creighton, Happy Valley Ontario, After nearly 80 years of habitation, the company town of Creighton, Ontario was closed in the mid 80's. Inco had decided it was too expensive to maintain the town so they demolished the town site. Many who once lived in this community question the true motives for raising the town.

Cassiar, B.C. By the 1970's Cassiar was the dominant community in the region. But by the early 1990's the mine went bankrupt and the population of Cassiar watched as their buildings were sold and trucked away.