Ernie Barbarash

Kirk Shaw
Christine Haebler

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Michael Ironside
Tatiana Maslany
Juan Riedinger
Eric Breker and
Val Kilmer


Luke Gibson is all but written off for dead after a car accident that claimed the life of his wife and unborn child and left him complete amnesia. Looking for test subjects for their new technological “breakthrough”, Hexx Corporation executive Virgil Kirkhill offers cutting edge technology that saves Luke’s life – a Psi-Com Implant which is hardwired into Luke’s brain.

Luke soon finds that the life saving technology comes with a price – Hexx Corporation can beam advertisements directly into his head – and Hexx Corporation may harbor more sinister plans for the new device.

When Kirkhill tries to terminate Luke by overstressing the implant in his brain, Luke is saved by a team of hackers with their own score to settle with Hexx Corporation.    

Luke, with the help of his new allies, tries to recover memories of his past while uncovering Kirkhill’s true motives.