His and Hers Christmas


Farhad Mann

Kirk Shaw

Dina Meyer
David Sutcliffe
Paula Devicq

he San Francisco Sun newspaper threatens to take over the tiny Marin County Voice, a small, struggling community paper. To save her paper, Voice columnist, Liz Madison transforms her little paper into a rally cry for community spirit. Championing the traditional celebration Christmas, Liz’s new column proves a success. Attracting new readers by the drove, this is just what the Voice needs to stay alive. Bit kist as Liz’s efforts are paying off, slick Sun columnist, Tom Lane learns his new TV show will go on the chopping block if the Voice survives. Backed into a corner, Tom fights back: launching his own holiday column in the Sun to counter Liz. From that point on it’s an all-out war of words – and the sexes – as lonely divorcée Liz and big-city bachelor Tom exchanged jabs in print. But when the two finally meet face to face on Christmas Eve, will it be holiday spirit or sparks that fly?