VANCOUVER, B.C. – Insight Film Studios announces, “Icarus” a new action thriller starring Dolph Lundgren. With "Icarus" Lundgren will lead a double life, both on and off screen. Taking the reins as Director and star, Lundgren’s on-screen persona "Icarus" balances his secret past as a Russian trained hit-man with a new life as father and patriarch to an idyllic, loving suburban US family -- a family who are completely unaware of their dad's nefarious past. But when Lundgren's wife and children become pawns in an international game of kill or be killed, Dolph has no choice but to rely on his Soviet training to protect his loved ones from both the killers and from his own secret identity. Unfortunately, as their lives are driven deeper and deeper into jeopardy, Lundgren risks losing his family as they begin to piece together the truth about his former life as an assassin behind the iron curtain.

“Icarus” goes to camera this fall, shooting at Insight Film Studios in Vancouver. Kirk Shaw, Insight CEO and “Icarus” Producer had this say, “Dolph’s talent behind the camera is just as strong as his presence on camera. Icarus is an action packed and ideal film fit to showcase Lundgren’s acting and directing skills.”

In talking about this double role, Lundgren stated, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to act in and direct ‘Icarus,’ where great action is paired with character-based psychological drama.” I hope to continue the tradition of great films such as Luc Besson’s ‘The Professional’ and David Cronenburg’s ‘A History of Violence,’ that use this combination to really engage the audience.”

“Icarus” marks the fifth film for Lundgren as Director and actor. The action star’s latest directing credits include 2008’s “Command Performance” and “Missionary Man.” Among Lundgren’s long list of acting credits are the mega hits, “Rocky IV,” “The Punisher,” “Men of War” and “Universal Soldier.” The film is penned by Raul Inglis, who most recently wrote, “Vice,” starring Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen.

International distribution rights are through CineTel Films with CineTel's Paul Hertzberg and Lisa Hansen on board as Executive Producers.

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