Executive Producers:
Kirk Shaw
Brad McAfee

Executive in charge of Production:
Barry Gray

Wendy McKernan
Laura Watson

Original Concept By:
Brad McAfee
Melanie Overall

Story Producer:
Melanie Overall

Tara Shortt


New:  Keeping It Real is currently casting for new episodes!

Think cosmetic surgery is the only way to truly reverse time’s influence on your aging face and body?  Think again.  Keeping It Real is an informative new must-see show that explores today’s hottest non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.  Watch Keeping It Real so that you, too, can avoid the knife.

This engaging documentary series follows real women who are contemplating various cosmetic means of reversing or preventing the aging process.  Like most of us, they’d prefer to stay true to themselves as they combat their encroaching wrinkles, cellulite, age spots and sagging skin.  As we get to know each woman and the affects her aging face and body are having on her, we learn why she wants the non-invasive procedure and what she hopes to get out of it.  

Fresh and informative, Keeping It Real offers a glimpse into the lives of real women – witnessing familiar struggles, concerns, and the results of their non-invasive treatments.  From initial hope through to final result, we’ll find out if these women find alternatives to surgery that will provide the results they desire.

Want to be featured on an upcoming episode of Keeping It Real?

Are you considering non-invasive or natural anti-aging alternatives to cosmetic surgery?  We are looking for women, aged 35+, with strong personal stories to share! 

Are you concerned with the effects of aging on your appearance?  Have you thought about getting cosmetic surgery, but would prefer to undergo one of the new non-invasive alternatives instead of going “under the knife”?  Tell us your story and you could be featured on Keeping It Real!

Please submit a couple of recent photos and a brief (one page) description of your situation.  Some key information to include:

-- What is your name, age and city/town of residence? 

-- What is your relationship status - are you single (never married), divorced, married, common-law, etc.?

-- With whom do you live?  Do you have any children, pets or other dependents in your home?

-- What do you do for a living?  In your spare time?

-- What are your concerns about your aging face/body?

-- What surgeries (if any) have you, or would you, consider undergoing and why?

-- What is keeping you from undergoing cosmetic surgery?  Why do you prefer a “natural” alternative to surgery?

-- Which natural or non-invasive procedure(s) would you like to have done (if known)?

-- Important: What do you see as your specific “problem areas” (e.g. wrinkles / cellulite / age spots / after effects of childbirth, etc.), and how exactly are these affecting your life, relationships, self-esteem, career, etc.?

Submit your photo(s) and story asap to:

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  We sincerely thank all who submit for sharing their stories with us; however due to the volume of applications received Insight Film Studios will contact only those applicants who are being considered for the show.