Vancouver, B.C. — British Columbia’s busiest independent production company, Insight Film Studios is set to begin shooting two new movies of the week this month, Love Sick, and Secret Society. Both films center around strong women lead characters who find themselves in webs of lies and heartbreak.  These are just two of the many MOW productions on Insight’s slate this fall.

Love Sick

When Sue Silverman, a suburban housewife pursues her passion for sex and romance, she justifies it by saying it is just a fling and she can stop any time.  Her husband is her  steady rock but her flings make her 'feel alive again'.  But when her marriage starts to fall apart and her whole life begins to crumble around her, Sue is forced to face the ugly truth about her sexual addiction, leading her past her heart pounding fantasies and into her memories of an abusive past at the hands of her father.

Based on the book of the same title, Love Sick stars Sally Pressman (Army Wives), Peter Flemming (Stargate SG-1), and David James Elliot (Close to Home, JAG) and is directed by Grant Harvey (Whistler).

Secret Society

Despite the mysterious death of a young college student at a prestigious New England college, Danielle “Daisy” Landry decides to escape her small town life and transfer to this prominent school.  Once on Berkshire campus, Daisy meets Azalea Burgess, head of an ultra secret society referred to as The Ivy Girls and soon discovers that these girls are as nasty and dangerous as they are beautiful.  Daisy finds herself in the center of scandals and betrayals at the hands of Azalea and must turn the tables on her nemesis before it's too late.

Secret Society was written by Peter Sullivan (Termination Point) and is directed by Jason Hreno.  It stars Miriam McDonald (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Daisy, Shawna Waldron (To Kill a Mocumentary) as Azalea, and Ryan Kennedy (Whistler) as Blake. 

Both films are expected to air on Lifetime Television this winter.