Vancouver B.C. - Insight Film Studios announced this morning their latest thriller, Thirst, will be unveiled to broadcasters and distributors at the American Film Market (November 5- 12) by the company's distribution arm, Insight Film Releasing.

Thirst tells the story of two couples who suddenly find themselves lost and alone deep within the California desert.  As each sweltering day leads to the next, social norms unravel. Soon their thirst for water begins to dominate and define their love, as primal survival forces peel away all remnants of civilized social veneer.

Starring Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Tygh Runyan (Normal, Snakes on a Plane), Brandon Quinn (Entourage) and Mercedes McNab (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Thirst is director Jeffery Scott Lando's first feature.

Lando remarked, "I'm thrilled with the way 'Thirst' turned out.  Working in the desert during the peak of summer forced us to face many of the same challenges as our characters. I really wanted to capture the grit and grime of our characters' deteriorating situation, so we shot the whole film in sequence. Personally experiencing the growing effects of the extreme conditions gave the actors an incredible opportunity to ad-lib into their performances true aspects of their own physical and mental state. This shooting style allowed us to create a film that fully illustrates the devolution of the human condition as day by day our four characters each came face to face with their increasingly desperate plight."

Producer, Kirk Shaw remarked, "Very much in the vein of the best thrillers of the past 30 years, ‘Thirst’ strips its characters of all social trappings for an examination of the beast within us, challenging the audience to test their own perceptions of their inner true self."

Executive Producer Raffy Ardhaldjian said, “Thirst is an honest attempt at integrating art, love and genre.”

“Enabled with new technology, hard work and a partnership with an independent studio, ‘'Thirst’ is a testimony to the continuing creativity of independent filmmaking,” adds Jeffery Schenck, Executive Producer.

Canada's largest production company, Insight Film Studios produces and distributes feature films, made for TV movies, television series and factual programming world-wide.  In 2008, Insight will produce and deliver 40 separate productions for clients in Canada, the US and overseas.

Visit Insight Film Releasing during the American Film Market at The Merigot, Room 247.