Harris Goldberg

Kirk Shaw
Mary Aloe

Matthew Perry
Lynn Collins
Kevin Pollak
Mary Steenburgen

Writer/Director Harris Goldberg tells his tragically funny, autobiographical story through Hudson Milbank, (Matthew Perry), a depressed screenwriter who (over)smokes a joint sending him over the edge into what is diagnosed as “depersonalization disorder,” the sense that everything around him is unreal, like living in some hellish dreamlike state. Desperate to feel like himself again, Hudson seeks out every therapy imaginable, running the L.A. shrink circuit as he plummets further into the depth of hopelessness and detachment. As he struggles to cope by watching the soothing Golf Channel, shoplifting to get a shot of adrenaline and surviving a cognitive behaviorist with her own issues, (played brilliantly by Mary Steenbergen), Hudson’s long suffering writing partner, (Kevin Pollak), fears they’ll never work again. Things start to change when Hudson meets Sara, (Lynn Collins), whose relaxed ways and big-hearted spirit make his race to recovery imperative. But even then his relationship becomes threatened by his powerlessness to take on life's risks as he seeks out more extreme measures to get better. He knows she can save him. She knows he has to save himself.