Insight Film Studios to unveil two new Science Fiction Adventures

Vancouver, B.C. — Insight Film Studios is proud to announce their involvement with two new adventure thrillers shooting in and around Vancouver this month.  Partnered with the Sci Fi channel, these new films both tell stories of ancient secrets and those that are trying to unravel their mysteries.

Rogue Smithsonian archaeologist Dr. Owen Stanford, dying of cancer and heedless of his career, is prepared to stop at nothing to retrieve the ancient amulets of the storm god Ba'al, in his efforts to discover the legendary kibdu, the portal between our world and the next that he hopes might cure his disease or make him a god…

Starring Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven) and Stefanie von Pfetten (Dragon Boys) the film will be directed by Paul Ziller (Swarmed).  Cinetel has partnered with Insight on this project that goes to camera October 1, 2007.

Riddles of the Sphinx
Karen Parr always thought her father Robert was the opposite of cool.  That is until they learn that her grandfather had been the victim of a grisly murder by The Sphinx, a mythical Guardian of Egypt’s ancient secrets.  Robert has no choice now but to connect with his hidden past; reinstating himself with a clandestine Government Agency he left years ago.  Together with his daughter they find themselves on route to Cairo. 

What follows is a series of battles of mind and body with the deadly Sphinx with the goal of decoding the seven riddles in an effort to unlock the hidden secrets and save humankind.

Dina Meyer (Saw, Starship Troopers) and Lochlyn Munro (Deck the Halls, Little Man) star in the movie which will be directed by George Mendeluk (Her Fatal Flaw, 12 Hours to Live).  This film also goes to camera on October 1, 2007 as part of a partnership between Insight and Richard Titus in the production of the Myth Quest series which saw the making of Odysseus this past summer.