Insight Film Studios Ltd.—Western Canada’s fastest growing independent production company and the largest producer of HD content in Canada, today announced the production of five new pilots for Lifestyle / Information programming. Budgets for the pilots are $200,000 CA each and are comprised of private equity investment and Insight producer equity. They will be produced in late spring or early summer of 2007.

“Insight is committed to maintaining a diverse production slate covering movies, drama series and factual programming. The shows represent our commitment to create innovative Canadian content and to work with our national broadcast partners to develop informative programming that will be popular both here and abroad,” says Insight’s President and CEO Kirk Shaw. “Insight is in a unique position to be able to take calculated risks and invest in pilots for factual programming, so we’re always on the lookout for exciting new material.” 

“Three out of five of these exciting pilots are ideas that have been in development with national broadcasters this past year,” says Brad McAfee, Insight’s Executive Producer. “The concepts are well-developed, sustainable and highly marketable, and have generated strong interest both in Canada and the U.S. We are extremely confident that at least three out of five of the pilots will be green lit for series by national broadcasters by fall 2007.” 

Shaw and McAfee are executive producing the pilots, which represent the best concepts developed by Insight’s factual programming department over the past 18 months. The pilots include: a Lifestyle series for women that searches out celebrity beauty secrets, a health and lifestyle show for men, a West Coast Lifestyle series, and a consumer series for men.

Incorporated in 1990, Insight Film Studios ranks as one of the top ten production companies in all of Canada. In 2006, the Vancouver-based company began its foray into the theatrical realm, and is now in the midst of successfully completing five feature films. For further information, please visit www.insightfilm.com