George Mendeluk

Kirk Shaw

Dina Meyer
Lochlyn Munro
Emily Tennant


KAREN PARR always thought her father (a High school history teacher) was the opposite of cool.  That is, until the day he received an urgent late-night phone call, explaining that her grandfather had been the victim of a grisly murder.

The murderer: a mythical Guardian of Egypt’s ancient secrets…THE SPHINX.

ROBERT (Karen’s father) immediately goes into action, discovering an ancient etching of the CIPHER STONE from the Pyramid Sphinx of Giza.  The stone was believed to be destroyed in 10, 500 B.C. when the PYRAMID WAR between two Egyptian Clans ended in the sealing of the Hall of Records (a SECRET CHAMBER beneath the Sphinx which holds the History of Earth and the answers to human existence).

Robert has no choice but to connect with his hidden past; reinstating himself in a clandestine Government Agency he left behind in order to be with his daughter.  They quickly find themselves en route to Cairo joined by Government Liaison, JESSICA THRACE, and backed by an Armed STRIKE TEAM.

Pitted against the deadly SPHINX in a battle of mind and body, Robert, Karen and Jessica must decode SEVEN RIDDLES in order to unlock the hidden secrets of the CHAMBER and save humanity from extinction.