Rex Piano

Kirk Shaw

Nicole Eggert
Marc Singer
A rock-climbing couple, Brian and Diana, become engaged on a bluff overlooking the infamous Snowman’s Pass. But the happiness is cut short when Brian falls to his death and his body disappears. Three years later, a subdued and lonely Diana meets Curt, a man who hires her as a guide to lead him and his men through Snowman’s Pass. Curt owns a company that uses satellite imagery to find people and artifacts. He guarantees that he can help her find Brian’s body.

All is not what it seems with Curt and his men. They’re after the lost treasure of Snowman's Pass, a half ton of gold hidden since 1860. Curt needs Diana to lead him into remote areas where the satellite suggests gold might be. Once they find it, they’ll eliminate her. Diana discovers the deception and is forced to run for her life, being tracked by both the men and the unblinking satellite eye in the sky. Stuck on a remote part of the mountain with no one to save her, she must rely on her wits and skill in order to survive.