Steven R. Monroe

Kirk Shaw
Lisa Hansen

Nick Chinlund
Erin Karpluk
Don S. Davis


A huge chunk of a glacier falls into the ocean. As the ice floats further south and melts, a giant winged reptile is released from its icy tomb…

Welcome to Beaver Mills, a small, isolated Alaskan town inhabited by an eclectic group of residents. With a doctor from NY, a hippie radio deejay, a retired astronaut and a beautiful café owner, the town somehow attracts people that are “stuck in a rut”. No one understands this better than our frustrated hero JAKE SUTTNER, a tough ice-road trucker who got stranded last season when his rig fell through the ice. Ironically, Jake doesn’t realize his predicament is also similar to Beaver Mills’ newest resident – the prehistoric Wyvern that just crawled up on shore.

It’s Midsummer, a season with no night, and a festival is celebrated throughout the town. The festivities are dampened as locals go missing and human remains are found, pointing to a killer grizzly on the loose. The truth is far more terrifying – the Wyvern has begun a hunt for human flesh.

At a town barbecue the Wyvern attacks, sending the residents of Beaver Mills into a fight for survival. It’s claimed their town as its feeding ground and for a group of locals holed up at the local café, their time is running out. Led by Jake, the survivors take a daring offensive. Tracking the Wyvern to its nest a trap is laid, but the Wyvern escapes after a nail-biting battle where many townspeople lose their lives.

Jake and the remaining townspeople have only one option. Strapping the Wyvern’s egg to Jake’s newly arrived big rig, Jake drives out onto the road with the Wyvern in pursuit…. It all comes down to Jake’s tough, seasoned trucker skills versus a prehistoric predator. Only one will survive…